i-Tree Valuation

i-Tree Valuation

Using software models such as i-Tree, we are able to measure the structure and composition of our trees and urban forests. We can calculate the benefits and ecosystem services they provide, and value them in monetary terms. This provides an evidence based approach in the development of informed urban forestry programs, management plans and projects.

Trädkonsult is in close colaboration with Treeconomics and we can thereby work on a international basis.

i-Tree Eco

Ecosystemservices is the functions in ecosystems that benefits humans, in other words sustains or improves humans wellbeing. This is for example carbon storage, pollution removal, reduced energy costs and avoided runoff.

A tree inventory that includes i-Tree Eco provides a greater understanding of the tree stands composition, condition and quantitative values of the ecosystemservices that the trees provide.

Values that can be calculated are for example, the trees carbon storage, carbon sequestration, pollution removal and the trees effect on avoided runoff.

With this information an economic valuation can be done, that clarifies the importance of trees in cities.

What we can help you with

  • With i-Tree Eco we can do economic valuations of the ecosystemservices that the trees in an area provide.
  • We can help you with tree inventory with the parameters that is needed for i-Tree Eco.
  • If you already have an existing tree inventory, we can use it in i-Tree Eco.
  • We create a report that clearly describes the economic and quantitative values of the ecosystemservices that your trees provide.
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